Through learning and exploring the outdoors, children are able to connect with their true selves.

Standard Day Camp Itinerary:

  • Morning. OM 9am (morning chants, singing bowls, deep breathing) talk about schedule, set intention for the day, Snack. Fruit and Whole grains
  • Green Kids AM-Nature Walk/Park learn something cool about the earth
  • High energy exercise fitness, games (non competitive), Dance, sports
  • Yoga/Meditation
  • 12pm Healthy Lunch provided or bring own to eat

Half-Day Camp Ends

  • Creative self-expression art, crafts, building, blocks
  • Yoga/Stretch
  • Treasure Hunt, explore outdoors
  • Calm activity colouring, reading, relaxing, essential oils, incense
  • Green Kids PM- connect with nature, offerings to trees, light snack vegetables
  • Afternoon OM 3pm (closing chant, reflections, good-bye hugs)

*Saturdays Only

Full day: 9am – 3pm

1-2 Kids: $150/each
2-6 Kids: $125/each

Half day: 9am – 12pm

1-2 Kids: $75/each
2-6 Kids: $60/each

*Camps can also vary depending on your child’s needs ie. anxiety, hyper, ADD, autism, aspergers, behaviour management, all boys, all girls.

*Siblings and friends welcome 1-4 kids at once (exceptions can be made)

*times are flexible depending on needs.