Shannon Young empowers and shares her positive energy and knowledge to enlighten kids, dogs, and people.




When one is not opened up to the energies. This is the beginning step to opening up and experiencing the different energies that surround you.

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This is enlightenment. When you have reached enlightenment you can say to yourself "I can grow. There is more to this."



This is when you start to share what you have learned and what has been apart of your new journey with others and share the new energy that surrounds you.

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Shannon at this Summer's Toronto Humane Society's Event: PAWS in the PARK

Let Your Child Embrace The Yoga Journey


Kids Yoga with Shannon is a high-energy release for the children. They take part in many stages during the class, including an introduction to yoga, release of high-energy, using their imaginations to embrace their yoga journey, calming activities, and relaxation periods and meditation. A healthy snack is included.


It's a class where Shannon turns adult yoga poses into kids poses for them to have fun, relax, and release their energy.

$20 Per Class

3-6 years-old      6-10 years-old

Class Breakdown:

  • 20 minutes high-energy release exercise
  • 20 minutes yoga poses
  • 10 minutes of calm activity
  • 10 minutes of breathing exercises and meditation



K9 Kamp: Toronto's First Yoga For Dogs!



A Unique experience connecting you in a whole different way with your dog. Take part in doing poses with your dog, stretching out your dog, massaging your dog, and meditation with your dog. Connect and release calm energies together.

Bring your dog - Bring your yoga mat

*All Dogs Are Welcome*


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